Happy New Year one and all…we hope that you are refreshed and ready for the year ahead.  STRATUS has been busier than ever in recent months and with six events planned for 2013 we’re hitting the ground running.  This is the first of our quarterly bulletins where we aim to update you on STRATUS activities and events.

Figure 1. Our panelists at the Sharing Science with Society event (Peter Griffin, Mark Quigley, Richard Meylan & Jacqui Bay who were hosted by Phil Johnstone our moderator for the event)

Looking back to 2012

STRATUS hosted the following 2012 events: Stand-up Science (10/5/12); Rutherford Discovery Fellowship Workshop (7/6/12); Promotions Workshop (17/7/12); Planning & advancing YOUR career event (18/9/12); Strategies for Success in research (25/10/12), and Sharing Science with Society: panel discussion (13/11/12).  For more information about our events please visit our web-site and look out for our annual report in early 2013.

STRATUS also made several written submissions on behalf of our members including a response to the draft University of Auckland Strategic Plan 2013-2020; a response to the proposed Academic Standards policy, and the recently published article: Do Emerging Scientists Have a Future in New Zealand?Debbie Hay et al (2012) NZ Science Reviews 69 (3), 56-60.

Figure 2. Some of our current committee (left to right): Drs Cate Macinnis-Ng, Alex Taylor, Simon O’Carroll, James Dalton, Lorna Strachan & Siouxsie Wiles

New committee

STRATUS would like to acknowledge the generous support and hard work of our departing committee members, particularly our outgoing Chair Senior Research Fellow Jo Perry and Secretary Associate Professor Donna-Rose Addis.  We warmly welcome our new committee members Giovanni Russello & Fabiana Kubke.

Your 2013 STRATUS committee comprises: Drs Lorna Strachan (chair), Siouxsie Wiles (deputy chair), Jo Perry (secretary), Simon O’Carroll (treasurer), Peng Du (webmaster), Alex Taylor, Cate Macinnis-Ng, Duncan McGillivray, Giovanni Russello, Fabiana Kubke & James Dalton.

Annual report

We are currently preparing our 2012 annual report.  This will be published on our web-site in early 2013 and will provide a comprehensive report of our 2012 activities.  If you would like to be sent a personal copy please contact secretary@stratus.ac.nz.

Stand up Science

Our first event of 2013 will be Stand-up Science in March.  This fun event is a firm favourite with STRATUS members and is an opportunity to present your research in to a wide network of scientists and engineers.  Several new collaborations and friendships were formed from the 40 or so who attended the 2012 event.

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