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Is it really April already? Time flies, what with research grant deadlines, conferences and teaching. All the latest from us below, starting with…


Stand-up Science

Our first event of 2013 was Stand-up Science on the 20th March. The event followed the successful speed-dating format which was utilized to [...]

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At the 2012 New Zealand Association of Scientists conference, “Do Emerging Scientists Have a Future in New Zealand?”, Associate Professor Deborah Hay was given the opportunity to introduce the Stratus network and describe the way in which it is contributing to supporting New Zealand science. From this stemmed an article on Stratus, which was published in [...]

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The scientist’s quest is to find truth through the scientific method and it is our duty to transfer our knowledge to our fellow New Zealanders as well as the wider global community. But when our stories reach the media headlines, questions arise for the everyday science news consumer- what is the truth?

Come and [...]

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